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Acoustics in a classroom?

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Effective acoustics are essential in any classroom, but to improve the acoustics of a classroom, it is important to consider acoustic performance requirements at the beginning of the project. A deep understanding of existing acoustic problems in the classroom, as well as potential future improvements, will ensure that classroom refurbishment supports learning activities.

We will explore how background noise can affect classroom performance and what options there are to improve classroom acoustics to reduce potential distractions, including specific soundproofing solutions for your school. If you think your classroom is suffering from poor acoustics, please contact the Department of Education or an experienced acoustics professional. Read more about improving classroom acoustics, including a quiz to help you determine whether your campus's acoustics are getting enough attention.

Today, there are numerous projects in schools that improve classroom acoustics and offer creative and cost-effective solutions. Schools and universities have the ability to evaluate sound - absorbent ceiling tiles, sound insulation and other sound insulation for their overall acoustic solutions, as well as a variety of other ways to determine the acoustic comfort of your classroom. Given the high cost of installing acoustic treatments, school districts and postal services are available to secondary schools that are committed to maximizing outcomes for themselves and their schools and institutions.

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